We now supply everything you could possibly need for a fantastic party for you, your colleagues or kids. We will supply UV lights, UV Paint and Facepainters and all the glowing glasses, bunny ears, glow necklaces, bracelets you could possibly need for a a most outstanding night. We’ll take care of everything ensuring that your event is…..

The AWESOME Betson Sumer Party 2017

So happy to have contributed to this event. Remote controlled LED wristbands and 3 foot helium filled white balloons! What a totally awesome night!

Holi Powder

Holi Powder is the essential throw-at-the-crowd accessory at feel-good events. Used frequently for Colour Runs and Parties and Festivals, our Brightly Coloured Holi Powder has a lightweight feel and texture and has the added bonus of being UV Reactive! This versatile powder can be used indoors or outdoors quite literally bringing a splash of colour to…..

Amazing Ideas To Make Your Next Party Colorful And Full Of Lights

Are you going to organize a party or a ceremony? If so, you surely want to make your party event be the best ever possible. One of your goals with your party is to amaze your guests and to have them look around like they are in a completely new world! Well, there are many new…..

4 Items To Get To Give A Unique Glow Party

If you are going to offer your friends or family a really unforgettable event to share and enjoy all together, a glow party is for sure the best idea that you can have! Glow parties are becoming more and more often the hottest trend for indoor and home parties, especially during the cold winter days. Main…..

LED Wheel Lights

This is a great gadget for your bike, car or motorbike. Screw the unit into the tyre valve and it will automatically turn on when your wheels are moving,  stopping when you do. How cool is that? Easy to install, just replace the tyre cap with the LED unit. Superb safety light for your bicycle, be seen at night…..

Glow Stick Overspill?

  No, this is a glowing blue tide at night in Vaadhoo, Maldives and completely natural- it’s a result of a chemical reaction called bioluminescence , which occurs when a micro-organism in sea water is diNo, this is a glowing blue tide at night in Vaadhoo, Maldives. It may look like an alien life-form has washed…..

How it works – The Glow Stick!

Find out about all the complicated reactions that happens when you snap a Glow Stick. A mini Chernobyl in your pocket! Check out the science here!     (Don’t worry, they’re very safe)

Will it Blend?

Glow sticks in a blender, thats novel!

Epicly Filmed Glowsticking!

Thanks to Abigail for this one!

‘Like’ to win!

Win a chance to get yourself ‘Glowed Up’ We’re giving away a party package to make your night exceptional! Just ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be in with a chance to win 100 Glow Bracelets and connectors for 2 Glow Balls, 10 Glow Bunny Ears and 10 pairs of Glow Glasses!! Loads left over to use…..

Free Glow Ball Connectors!

The 8″ Glow Bracelets now come with free Glow Ball connectors! Fit the Glow Sticks together and produce this fantastic ball of light , Spin them and see if you can make a white light ! Throw them around and watch them bounce around! Available while stocks last. Buy 100 8′ Glow Bracelets and get the free…..