The AWESOME Betson Sumer Party 2017

So happy to have contributed to this event. Remote controlled LED wristbands and 3 foot helium filled white balloons! What a totally awesome night!

Remote Controlled LED Bracelet

The Glow Company – Malta are pleased to bring you  our amazing Remote Controlled LED Bracelets – The central remote can change up to  more 5,000 Bracelets with a single click and has a range  distance of up to 3,000 meters. Thats pretty impressive! Imagine a crowd all pulsing with the same beat! Minimum order of…..

nosnow/noalps – N.E.W (2013)

Fantastic use of Glow-sticks and UV paint, supplied by The Glow Company Malta! Check it out! YouTube Link here!

Glow Bubbles!

What a great idea! Just add the activated contents of a 6 inch Glow Stick to your bubble mixture and, voila, Glow Bubbles! Now that’s creative thinking! Just need to think of what colours to create!

Ball Of Light

This 15 minute documentary tells the story of Denis Smith. Two years ago he was in a high pressure sales job suffering with depression, debt and alcohol problems. Then he discovered light painting, and his life changed forever…

Will it Blend?

Glow sticks in a blender, thats novel!

Fireworks in Madagascar

Apparently made with several Glow Sticks and a bit of film! ahem…

Epicly Filmed Glowsticking!

Thanks to Abigail for this one!

Mr Glow Sticks

The world is a freaky place. It has its fair share of freaky people too, and this is what happens when said freaky people get hold of an awful lot of Glow Sticks! from Douglas Pledger


Dance Title Img

This is what you get when you flex a little imagination and a lot of Glow Sticks! Add a little music or Jazz band and you have your own all singing, all dancing  light show! Can you do something like this? Prize for the best submission of image or video!! from Melissa Silva