The Bubble

bubble HeaderThe Bubble is a non-profit weekend festival that is held to celebrate life and in aid of humanitarian causes. This year it will take place at the end of Summer from 25th to 27th September (2015) at The Elysium in Ghajn Tuffieha and the surrounding area. It’s concept concerns the bubble of our lives, the familiar and comfortable world that surrounds us and the environments we are used to. Sweeping us out of our routine and into a stunning natural environment, The Bubble sets out to create an atmosphere of learning, creativity, music, charity, fun, relaxation, sharing of new ideas, and awakenings to what’s going on outside our Bubble!

This year 50% of the proceeds will go to ‘Garden of Smiles’, a new project by the Right2Smile Foundation that will support young women in India through a creative and artistic project, offering access to education and employment in the villages of Bodhgaya in Bihar. 20% will go to The Gaia Foundation, which is based upon integrated coastal zone management on the Maltese Islands. 15% to Why Not?, who are setting up a green house and tree nursery to be able to grow trees in Malta on a large scale and the remaining 15% will go back into The Bubble NGO to set up next year’s bubbly festival.

The Bubble (NGO) aims to create a world class art and environmental awareness festival. A pure and selfless expression of those involved, all while helping people in need! A local event that seeks to engage locals and tourists alike, leaving an impression on the international
scene. This will only be possible with your help!


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