4 Items To Get To Give A Unique Glow Party

If you are going to offer your friends or family a really unforgettable event to share and enjoy all together, a glow party is for sure the best idea that you can have! Glow parties are becoming more and more often the hottest trend for indoor and home parties, especially during the cold winter days.

Main Features Of Glow Parties

Are you new to the whimsical world of parties? Well, no problem, we are here to show you some of the most amazing ways you can setup your party. First of all, if you don’t know that tri tren 150 much about the latest trends among young peoplel for parties, consider that glow parties along with black light parties are gaining a growing importance in this field.

In particular, glow parties consists in making the entire environment where you want to setup your party colorful and rich of lights. As you can imagine, the result is a really wonderful atmosphere made of countless small lights in different colors shining in the dark! Another very cool feature of glow parties is that the guests are encouraged to wear colorful fluorescent clothing, so that once all regular lights are off you can only see their colors moving and dancing in the dark.

Glow parties are actually perfect for kids and young people and today you can also find glow parties for wedding ceremonies and other important events.

A Winning Idea For Your Glow Party

The extra idea for a unique and unforgettable glow party is to choose a cool theme, like a casino theme. You know, the casino tradition has been fascinating generations of people all through the world.

What You Need To Make Your Glow Party Perfect

So, it’s obvious that you need a large number of glow lights, but let’s see what else you may need to make your glow party be the best event of your town. Here we’ve prepared a list of items and supplies that you may want to buy for your party:

  1. Black lights or glow lights
    These items are essential to your party. As we mentioned above, black light parties are also a nice alternative to glow parties. Everything relies on your personal tastes. If you love colorful lights, then glow lights are your solution. But if you prefer black lights with a fluorescent glow then you will need black light. Either items are to be purchased in specialized stores or in the internet (for example, on eBay or Amazon).
  2. Glow sticksglow lights
    What would a glow party look like without glow sticks? Well, these items are the main ingredient of your party. They consist in a plastic tube (sometimes it’s a flexible tube) containing a liquid made of chemical substances that once activated react producing glow light. Glow sticks are usually sold in packs of many dozens and their price is also very low. Moreover, you can use glow sticks for drinks (you can bend a glow stick around the glass or you can put it in the drink to give it a fluorescent color in the dark).
  3. Fluorescent makeup
    If you want to make something unique for your party, focus on fluorescent makeup. Party planners often offer special makeup services, so you can have your guests choosing their unique and colored makeup style at the party. In the dark you will see their facial painting with fluorescent colors moving while dancing.
  4. Glowing LEDs
    As you can imagine, during a glow party all regular lights are to be off. So, forget to turn on your home’s lamps! The only sources of light will be glow sticks and glowing LEDs, a really cool addition to your glow party. You can create original decoration using glowing LEDs and, what’s more, this type of lights are also very cheap for your wallet! Many sets of glowing LEDs include flashing colors and other light effects that will contribute to give your party an extra touch of fun.

Last thing, the main rule to make a successful part is to enjoy your time with your guests all the way around!

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