Amazing Ideas To Make Your Next Party Colorful And Full Of Lights

Are you going to organize a party or a ceremony? If so, you surely want to make your party event be the best ever possible. One of your goals with your party is to amaze your guests and to have them look around like they are in a completely new world! Well, there are many new ideas that you can use to make your next party be a really unique and unforgettable event.

Tips For An Indoor Party

Many people decide to plan an indoor party instead of going outside. Probably, because they don’t want to spend too much money on outdoor party supplies or anything. As a matter of fact, if you plan to have an indoor party, make sure that your guests meet in a safe place.

Regular Lights Should Be Out

For a unique party, you need a unique atmosphere – it sounds pretty easy to understand, but what may be a little hard is “how” to achieve such a goal. Our first advice for you and for every party planner is to focus on lights. Yeah, lights play a significant role in all party events and by choosing the right combination of light types and light colors you can produce certain effects on the people.

Today, blacklight parties and glow parties turn out to be trendy, not only for birthdays but also for wedding ceremonies. Although blacklight parties and glow parties are two different types of parties, one thing is common to both of them: regular lights have to be out.

  • In a glow party, you’ll find glow lights, glow sticks and many other objects that can be used to make light, instead of regular lights. The nicest aspect of such parties is that glow lights are colorful and lively and the party planners can have much fun to combine different glow lights in different colors.
  • In a black light party you won’t have that many colors all at once, but black fluorescent lights that glow. Of course, you can use black lights to create original decorations for clothes and drinks, too.

As you can see, both types of parties are amazing ideas. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your goals and tastes.

Glow Sticks And How To Use Them

If you made your mind about a glow party, you need as many glow sticks as you can buy. You can buy glow sticks online or at stores that sell party items. Generally, glow sticks are very cheap, so you can buy lots of them and make your party be a really colorful event to enjoy.

If you are new to glow light items for parties and you need to know how to use glow sticks, here are some tips for you:

  1. Glow sticks are perfect to freeze into ice cubes that you can put in glasses along with drinks of all types.
  2. You can also think to put glow sticks in a swimming pool (if you are planning an outdoor party). Think about having a completely colorful swimming pool at night!
  3. Since glow sticks are very flexible, you can bend them all-around drink glasses. An extra idea is to give different colors to each of your guests.
  4. As we said above, regular lights should not come into your party – use glow sticks as lanterns or hang them from the ceiling to make a fabulous atmosphere if it’s an indoor party.
  5. For a night party, put a glow stick in each glass with a drink… the liquid will get amazing colors! Drinks seem to glow themselves in the dark.

An additional tip for a unique glow light party is to use fluorescent body paint made with special makeup with fluorescent pigments. Skilled makeup artists can paint your guests’ faces and arms in many colors, so while dancing in the dark you will see their colorful body decorations and painting moving all the time.

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