Solar Powered, Seven Colour Sun Jar!

Solar Powered, Seven Colour Sun Jar!We are pleased to announce the availability of multi colour changing Sun Jars!  These Sloar powered Sun Jars rotate through seven different colours or can be fixed to suit the colour of your mood!

Made with a traditional Mason Jar. there is a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery and LED lamp. When the jar is placed in sunlight, the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over the course of the day.

The kids love them in their bedrooms to create a fantasy night time effect or as a night light. Great for night time parties or an affordable gift for people who love indoor and outdoor entertaining.

This energy is then used at night to power the LED lamp inside the jar. The light emitted is diffused by the thick frosted jar and gives the appearance of Sun in a Jar! Clever!

Available Mid December, limited stock so best make a reservation! €25 each