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Interval training: types, methods and training program in the hall

High-intensity interval training: types and methods of training. The program of classes in the hall. Benefits, benefits and contraindications.

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The benefits of interval training The benefit of interval style training is obvious. By practicing in this manner, you will constantly maintain a relatively high heart rate. Due to this, metabolic processes in the body will proceed at a breakneck pace, and without a rapid metabolism, neither weight loss nor muscle gain is possible.

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It is much more comfortable for the body to have a certain amount of fatty tissue “for a rainy day” and a level of muscle mass sufficient for normal life activity. The body does not see any practical benefits in muscle hypertrophy, which is the reason for the loss of muscle mass in the event of a long break in sports.

The alternation of high-intensity and low-intensity loads will enhance the processes of lipolysis. For one half-hour interval training, you will spend more calories than an hour of walking on a treadmill.

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For this reason, the interval training method is best suited for endomorphs who want to quickly get rid of excess adipose tissue.

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Interval training is an excellent solution for those athletes who do not have time for 4-5 strength training in the gym. Two interval workouts per week will be quite enough to maintain your current level of muscle mass, not to gain excess fatty tissue and feel toned. You will not lose any strength or endurance. You will come to the aid of the horizontal bars and parallel bars located in the neighboring yard, jump rope and weight weight. With this set of equipment you can fully train and steadily progress.

And the most important advantage for fans of crossfit is the development of strength endurance. Performing strength exercises with interval training occurs at elevated heart rate. Over time, the body Safest prohormone – Manhattan District Attorney’s Office adapts and begins to perceive such a load much easier, which will lead to increased strength endurance.

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Contraindications Regular interval training is contraindicated for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. Having arterial hypertension and hypertension, tachycardia, congenital or acquired heart disease or coronary artery disease, you risk harming your health by exercising with a heart rate in excess of 150.

Take contraindications seriously. Many professional athletes experienced hypertensive crisis due to the fact that they did not listen to their body and constantly trained, overcoming pain and fatigue. Unhealthy fanaticism and sports longevity are incompatible rexogin things, especially when it comes to strength sports.

The principles of interval training Approach sports as consciously as possible. In addition to the obvious things, like observing the correct technique for performing the exercises and measured breathing (inhaling is always done with effort), we recommend that you adhere to the following recommendations:

Overtraining, doing in such a way is easier than ever. High intensity requires careful restoration. Give nutrition and sleep no less attention than training.


The period of low-intensity load should not be less than high-intensity. Remember that your task in doing it is to restore strength and breathing. For a few tens of seconds do not.

period lasts seconds

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Training should be regular. It is important to choose the best training frequency for yourself. Two lessons per week will be enough for beginners, for more experienced athletes – 3-5.

Do not necessarily go to the gym. Interval training can be done at home or outdoors.

Do not take pre-training complexes before interval training. During a high-intensity load, the pulse almost reaches the limit values.

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Do not overwork your cardiovascular system with caffeine and other stimulants.

You can not hold such a hard workout on an empty stomach. This will lead to a drop in blood glucose, which will reduce your performance to zero, and a normal workout will not work.

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Types of interval training So, the basic principles of the organization of interval training are now known to you. Then we will talk about the most popular types, including the Tabata protocol, the Gerschler method, the fartlek and others.

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The Tabata Protocol This interval training program was Testosterone propionate – instructions, price in pharmacies | Canah developed by Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata and gained wide popularity in the fitness environment. According to the Tabata protocol, the time under load should be four minutes, with a heavy and light load alternating. After one such four-minute approach – a little rest. This mode of operation leads to a crazy consumption of calories. But you need to thoroughly follow the recommendations on the distribution of the load developed by the doctor:

First, there is a period of high-intensity training: 1 period lasts 20 seconds, during this time you need to do about 30 repetitions in an explosive manner.

Then there is a rest period, it lasts 10 seconds, during which time you will be able to take a short breath and concentrate on the exercise.

Repeat all this for four minutes. The result will be 8 approaches, after which you can fully relax and rejuvenate. Suitable as light exercises like push-ups or squats with methanabol tablets its own weight, and heavy basic exercises with a barbell or dumbbells. The bench press, deadlift, two-handed swinging weights, or jogging shvung rods are perfect. It all depends on the level of training. In any case, good blood supply is ensured.

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